You all knew this post was coming sooner or later. Im in love with the city of lights, Paris. I thought why not share a typical day of mine in Paris with you all. Disclaimer, Im not going to write about the usual Parisian touristic spots that everyone knows of. Im going to write about the things that I actually do during a normal day in Paris. Although, honestly all of Paris looks postcard worthy so it was difficult to pick just a few places.


I usually start my day with some croissants from ‘Du pain et des idees’. They have the best bread/ croissants in Paris – Go there trust me, you will not regret this.

2820565753_569f6839c5 Inside-Du-Pain-et-Des-Idees

After which, we get on with our first meetings of the day. I usually love meeting with fashion brands in their offices. But if its a meeting with a particular person I prefer doing it in one of my favorite cafe’s – ‘Cafe de Flore’ or ‘Les Deux Magots’ both located in the Boulevard Saint Germain. These cafes are extremely old and well known for their famous clientele throughout history. Some of my favorite painters and writers used to sit in the very same cafes. The thought that Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso went to these cafes  just fascinates me.

080410_Café_de_Flore_01 Café_de_FloreCafe_Les_Deux_Magots,_Paris_-_2011


Lunch is always at one of my most visited streets in Paris – Rue Saint Anne. This is basically the Japanese food hub of Paris. The entire street is full of amazing Japanese restaurants that serve delicious food. Paris has a huge Japanese population hence an entire street pretty much devoted to their cuisine. When you go to one of the Japanese restaurants make sure to order the ‘Gyoza’ – BEST. DISH.EVER.


After lunch, getting some Meringue cookies never hurt nobody. Haha, these babies will make you forget Macarons. ‘Aux Merveilleux De Fred’ serve the best of the best. Don’t leave Paris without trying these!

merveilleux-paris-lefebvre Aux-merveilleux-defred


Time for round 2 of the meetings. Usually brand meetings take place around the infamous Champs Elysees. I almost can’t believe how beautiful the Arc de Triomphe looks in the sunset light.


After meetings are done – its the perfect time for a evening run by the River Seine. You will see many runners at this time to keep you company as well. Music + Scenic routes = A runners delight


My favorite dinner spot is ‘Chez Papa’. It serves south-western french cuisine made to perfection. I would definately recommend their Duck in cream peach sauce ( Canard avec creme de peche) or the Duck Confit (Confit de Canard).

chez-papa-0 chez-papa

After dinner, wine and conversations is customary in Paris. Therefore, it is mandatory that you go to a hotel overlooking the Eiffel tower or some cozy cafe to finish off a magical day. The place I go to for an  evening wine is the Pullman Hotel, Shangri La Rooftop Lounge, Maison Blanche or Cafe Angelina. Check out their insane views below.

10BEST-Raphael-Hotel-Rooftop-Bar-cohen-raphael---1_54_990x660 cafe-angelina-paris- maison-blanche-rooftop-paris Shangri-la-rooftop-lounge

I finish my day at the lovely hotel with the most comfortable bed at Maison FL, which is situated just a stones throw away from the Eiffel Tower. With its classy interiors, lovely staff and amazing location whats not to love about this hotel. Check out their website – http://maisonfl.com/ Thank you to Snap Traveller for organizing this amazing place. Ever so grateful for being treated with such hospitality and love.

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Hope you got to escape your day for a few minutes and enjoyed this journey through Paris with me. I hope every single one of you gets to experience the beauty of the City of Lights one day if you haven’t already.

With that, Im gonna say Goodnight to you all. Love you and until next post my dears <3


  1. If you’re looking for another rooftop bar in Paris, I’d recommend “The 7th”, which is in Montmartre, on the seventh floor of a hotel. You get a great view of Paris in its entirety!

    Another recommendation for a gem of a restaurant is Memère Paulette. Real traditional “terroir” french food, in a place hidden enough that you could miss it.

  2. Hi I was just wondering Photo 15 on you blog of a table 2 chairs white table cloth champagne and a view of the Eiffel Tower, I was wondering where this was as I am trying to organise a private dining experience exactly like the setting in your photo.

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