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Favorite brand of Bags (@BloggerNation)

I personally love Ted Baker London, Tory Burch and Dior bags. Sometimes, Zara has amazing ones too.

What are your future plans? Regarding the blog and your education? And what has inspired and motivated you to keep going? (@iamsugarpop)

What keeps you so motivated, positive and utterly beautiful by heart? (monikaaa99)

When is your birthday and what are the future plans for the blog? (@bestofblacknwhite)

Are you still busy with your studies? (@himmyrao17)

Aw thanks sweethearts! My birthday is on August 29th – that’s the same day as Michael Jackson! haha

Concerning the blog, we hope to reach more people and grow our ever growing group of friends to all over the world. My sister and I are super passionate about what we do. She loves the art of photography and I love the art of fashion and beauty. Moreover, we adore connecting with you guys. So yea, the blog isn’t going anywhere. We have lots of new ideas and cool projects in the pipeline so stay tuned guys.

I will be doing my Law Masters in London until fall 2015. After which, I will have to see if I continue with further education or not. I might take a break from Law for a bit and then get back to it later. I’ve always wanted to also do the New York Bar. So yea, education will still be a big part of my upcoming future.

My motivation to keep going comes from you guys. As cheesy as that sounds, it’s the truth. The kind words, the thoughtful messages, emails and support always put a smile on our faces and has us working even harder. We always want to surprise you guys and give you our best. To stay positive, I always remind myself that you only get this life once and it’s your duty to make the most of it, have fun and share the fun. I try to always put myself in other people’s shoes. I treat people how I would like to be treated. So the secret is that spreading joy keeps me positive.

What inspired you to start your own blog (@isheetay)

Who is your inspiration? What motivated you to start the blog? (@sangithak)

When I figured that there was a platform available to share my passion and voice with the world, I decided to stay my blog. I believe the way you dress and present yourself is your own individual art, which in turn becomes your identity. By sharing my personal art of fashion, I wanted to build a bridge between me and the other people in the world who also share that love of fashion/beauty.

 I’ve always wanted to help girls in my own country realize their beauty and zeal in life and so I wanted to create a blog to reach out to them and unite them together in a community. So we can all be beautiful (inside and out), together.

I wanted people to be able to relate to me because I’m a girl, a student, I love fashion, I love beauty, I make mistakes, I learn from them, I started from humble beginnings and life has never been easy, but who wants an easy life, that’s boring- right? See we can all relate! Haha

What hair care and skin care products do you use? (@bestofblacknwhite )

What is your skin care routine? (@pallawijain)

Your skincare routine? (@sanahfazal)

How is your hair so manageable? Do you straighten it everyday or any other routine? (@avinaborad)

How do you have such flawless skin? (@sunalichughh)

How do you have such a great color complexion and flawless skin? (@blacktiaraa)

For my hair I’ve been using the Moroccan oil products- the whole range. My hair is really dry because of all the hair dying and bleaching, so I also make sure to give it deep conditioning treatments with coconut and Argan oil at least once a week.

My skin is extremely sensitive and of a combination type. The only skin care products that suit me are natural and mild ones. Korean skin care products are genius. This post will get too long if I talk about them all here. So, Im gonna do a hair care and skin care post for you guys soon.

What is your favorite makeup brand? (@bestofblacknwhite)

Your makeup routine please. (@isheetay)

What is your favorite makeup and clothing brand? (@niveditamalhotra)

For foundations – I love Shuumera, RMS, Georgio Armani and Bobbi brown

For the rest – Mac always has an amazing collection of lipsticks, Dior has the best mascaras, Benefit has good blushes and highlighters. Again, I will make a post on my daily makeup since so many of you have asked how I do my eyes etc.

 Clothing brand – Love Zara, Mango and ASOS for everyday wear.

My favorite designers are Micheal Costello, Prabal Gurung and Zuhair Murad.

How do you make your lips so plump looking? Some makeup tips please (@bestofblacknwhite)

My lips always have lots of lip balm on it. Lip balms with collagen or hydraulic acid are better for the plump look. I also think the way I put on my lip liner and lipstick helps them look more plump. I will share these tips on my future makeup post with you all.

When did you know you wanted to be a lawyer? (@bestofblacknwhite)

I knew I wanted to be a lawyer since University. I was actually studying to be a doctor, but I did an internship at a hospital one summer and found that it really wasn’t for me. The pressure of having people’s lives in my hand and seeing so many people lose their lives on my clock just didn’t work with me. I knew then that this just wasn’t the way I was meant to help the world. I have a lot of respect of doctors and surgeons alike. They are such strong people. But personally, it really emotionally dragged me down. I love people and I love seeing people happy.

When I did Law courses in Uni, I soon realized I was good at reasoning and oral communication. Moreover, I’m a total nerd and love to read. So basically, law just fell into my life. I didn’t second guess it and just went with it. I love that being a lawyer also allows me to also help people who sometimes cant fight their own battles.

Who are your favorite bloggers? (@iamsugarpop)

Your favorite fashion Bloggers ? (@pallawijain)

I love the Sartorialist, Gary Pepper Girl, Micah Gianneli, The Native Fox and Camila Coelho.

What time do you wake up in the morning? (@bloggernation)

What comes to your mind when you get to your bed? (@patel_dharm)

I usually wake up by 7am. I am more of a night hawk. I prefer working and planning at night. But sometimes, nothing beats waking up to a sunrise and smelling the crisp morning air.

The last thing I do/think about before I sleep is a prayer and I go over my plan for tomorrow in my head.

What is your exercise routine? (@bloggernation)

What is your exercise routine, how do you stay so fit? (@isheetay)

How do you stay so fit? Do you follow any diets? (@niveditamalhotra)

How do you manage to be so skinny? (@preetyliciousworld)

How do you manage to stay so skinny and fit? (@bestofblacknwhite)

TBH guys, I don’t really have one. I like to hit the gym or run from time to time. But I prefer dancing. I’m normally dancing all the time, that is probably why my metabolism is always so high. Haha I also dance hip hop, dancehall and salsa. I’ll share a video with you guys at some point, if you’d like. No but, I also eat healthy and stay active. The rest is all thanks so my parents’ genes. I will make a post on my lifestyle though, so maybe you guys can get tips for things I do everyday to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Tell us about your life in boarding school. (Judyns)

The person who wrote this question happens to be a really close friend of mine from the international boarding school I went to. I would love to share with you all the memories from boarding school, but this post will get waaaay too long. In a nut shell, boarding school formed some of the best memories of my life.

What type of clothes do you like the best? (@shreya_pats)

Do you prefer flats or heels? (@bloggernation)

I’m a sucker for casual chic. Anything that’s comfortable but looks good wins my heart. On the flip side, I also love dresses. And HEELS. I don’t think I own ANY flats. No, seriously.

Have you ever lived in India? Do you speak Punjabi? (@niveditamalhotra)

Do you speak any Indian Languages? (@worldfashioneditorials)

I was born in New Delhi. After which, my parents moved to the south of India where we studied at an Internation (well, british) boarding school until I was 17. I moved to the Netherlands at 17 for Uni.

 I do speak Punjabi. But it used to be a lot better when I was younger. I speak fluent Hindi and Tamil as well. I picked up Tamil because our cleaning staff and help at school or home only spoke Tamil. So to converse with them, one had to learn Tamil. My siblings also speak Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil. But we mostly speak English at home. Except with our dad who wants to make sure we don’t forget our Punjabi and Hindi. Haha

How tall are you? Are you full Indian or half? How do you not look like an Indian, do you have mixed blood? (@worldfashioneditorials)

I’m 167.5 cm tall.

I am full Indian- half Kashmiri, half Punjabi. My grandparents from dad’s side have Persian and Kurdish roots and my grandparents from mum’s side were from Lahore (before the separation) – that could be seen as a mix I suppose. But yes basically, Indian.

What do you look for in a guy? Will you marry me? (@hashtag_kush)

How to impress a beauty like you? (@gurubawa)

I only look for very few things in a guy, after the initial attraction. He should want to grow as a person, every single day. He should want to be a better human being than he was yesterday. And be passionate about something in life, anything.

Haha, Im so sorry I will not be able to marry you now. I’m focusing on my career atm. I only plan to settle down once I’ve made a good enough life to start a family. So that’s when I’m 28/29, so why don’t you ask me in about 5/6 years? Lol

To impress a woman, just be undeniably genuine and yourself. Nothing is more attractive.

When are you coming to Dubai? (@kashishanmol)

Very very soon I hope. Dubai is on top of my list of places to visit. Will surely meet you when I visit.

 What camera do you use? (@rosy_ff)

My sister used the Canon 5D Mark ii with a 50mm f1.4 lens or an 85mm f 1.8

 Any advice on starting a small scale business? (@offtangent)

The only advice I’d give you is that starting a business is easy, running it is hard. You need to stay motivated, every single day. You should stay focused, day in and day out. If you do that, everything else will fall into place.

 PHEW- That was a long post! Would love to hear what you guys have to say in the comments below.

Love and Light ,

Dii x


diipakhosla vila 6diipakhosla vila 4new postdiipakhosla vila 8 diipakhosla vila 11 vila diipakhosla 11Outfit Details :

Statement Necklace- Xevana

Shoes- Christian Louboutin 

Cardigan- Vila

Jeans- Nelly , find similar here 


  1. Phew that was long! But i bumped into your insta today only and now your blog. Love your pics. Cannot believe you have become so popular in just one year. Give some blogging tips. It would be some help. I just started my blog. Check if you can and put a comment if you like it. I would really appreciate a comment from a person with such an influence as you. Thanks.

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