Excited to share the photos from this collaboration I did during London Fashion Week with Swarovski and Wolf&Badger -The beautiful jewelry I was wearing can be found here.. http://swarovs.ki/DiipaKhoslaforWolfandBadger and http://swarovs.ki/crystalsfromswarovski

While its work with giants of the fashion industry such as Jean Paul Gaultier or Versace is very well documented, Swarovski prides itself in its ability to inspire and support independent and emerging design talent with multiple programs to support designers such as partnerships with design schools & foundations, mentoring programs, and the Swarovski Collective. Which is why this collaboration was so close to my heart. I love Swarovski tying up with Wolf & Badger to showcase emerging talents.

The gorgeous jewellery I wore can be found at the Wolf & Badger store in London at their Notting Hill or Dover Street stores.


These amazing photos were taken by The StreetMuse www.thestreetmuse.it

Necklace and earrings: Nadia Minkoff
Dress: LEKA (Wolf&Badger)
Shirt: Supersweet x Moumi (Wolf&Badger)
Shoes: WTR (Wolf&Badger)


Outfit details

Earrings and ring: On Aura Tout Vu
Bracelet: Octavia Yang
Pants and shoes: WTR (Wolf&Badger)
Sweater: N.Meravigli (Wolf&Badger)
Bag: Eddie (Wolf&Badger)


Outfit details

Necklace: Octavia Yang 
Earrings: Edge of Ember 
Skirt: Bashaques (Wolf&Badger)
Blouse: Sankt (Wolf&Badger)
Shoes: WTR (Wolf&Badger)


Hat: The Season Hat (Wolf&Badger)

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