Heeeeeeyyy my loves!

Today’s post is probably the most special one yet. Why, you ask? Well check out this kick ass website you’re reading this post on!! Im so so grateful for the team at Perspektive Crossmedia for doing an incredible job with the design of this new and amped up blog. Anna (the founder) and her team are all ANGELS! Smart tech wiz Angels! Thank you also to the team at Expression at Design for helping me with my last minute tech concerns and queries. What would I have done without you guys!?

Second reason this post is so special, is because finally my website is called just my name- www.diipakhosla.com.  This is so much better than Diisensemble. You have no idea how many people mispronounced that. haha At least, now one can say it!  Also, I would like this blog to be something about me as a person- all of me. Not just about my ensembles. SO it deemed fit to change it into my name.

Third reason. And this is a HUGEEE ONE one. Im so excited to officially announce that Im Vila Clothes‘ new Ambassador!!  Its so great to be part of one of my favorite clothing brands. Seriously, dream status- acquired.  The lovely people at Bestseller PR are so welcoming and its such a great team. You guys will see me feature Vila’s amazing clothes a lot more from now on.

Forth reason!! Well would you have a look at the photos!! Yes, we shot this photo shoot on a PORT! Dangerous much? Yes Cold much? YES Totally exciting and out of the box – something worthy of a new website launch? Definitely YES!! We wanted to do something really really different for the launch shoot. You have no idea how difficult it was to get this organized. No one is allowed to wear five inch heels without a life jacket or other safety precautions on the Port of Rotterdam. Danny Cornelissen, The photographer who took these photos was amazing. He is an official maritime and industrial photographer. Moreover, he is also knows first aid. Incase, you know I fell into the freezing cold water. haha

Can you guys feel my excitement leaping off the page here??!!! AHHH

I would just like to thank all the people who were involved with the launch of this website. All the people who worked tirelessly on the website, on the photoshoot, on the editing- all of it. Most of all, My sister and I are really grateful for you guys. You made this happen. We promise to keep working harder and surprising you guys with better photos and content. In hopes to inspire all of you who share the PASSION for fashion, photography and art with us.

All my love,

Your DII

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