Hey Darlings,
Firstly, Id really like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your constant kind words and comments. They truly motivate me to continue and push myself harder. <3
Now lets talk about how this all started..
To be honest, I didn’t even know something like fashion blogging existed about a year ago. I know right, where was I living? Under a rock or something?! I was probably too engrossed in my legal books to know anything of the outside world. haha To take a break from Uni, I worked at a fashion company in Amsterdam for a few months. That is where this whole world of Fashion Blogging opened up to me. I remember going home each day so inspired by these girls who would share their art with the world.
 I had always been really into fashion and beauty but I didn’t know there could be platform where you could share it with the public. I let this new amazing concept sink into me for a while. I went back home to India for a holiday and it was there that it hit me. I wanted to start a fashion blog and share myself and my style to truly inspire and influence the girls in my own country. I want girls to be able to look at me and relate to me. Relate to my day-to-day problems, to my insecurities and hardships. I wanted them to know that as long as you continue to believe in yourself and fight for your dreams, everything will work out in the end. I wanted to inspire people by my art form- of fashion and makeup. I think women all over the world are so gorgeous, they just sometimes need motivation and help to look and feel their best. I wondered if I could help that in some way. I believe that being happy and feeling good is the ultimate goal of  anyones life. So if I can make even a single person’s life happier by my art- that would truly make my life worth while.
Luckily, my amazing sister started getting really interested in Photography. Knowing her to be an impeccable artist, I knew her photography skills would improve really fast. So one day, I started talking to my sister about the fashion blog idea, my sister instantly loved it and we knew that we were on to something! The only thing we promised ourselves that day was – STAY GENUINE and provide our viewers with HIGH QUALITY content.
Fast forward 7 months — we now have a following of over 37,000 on our social media and over 35,000 views to our blog per month. I sometimes cant believe the numbers! We did work extremely hard. sometimes having to juggle university, working for my parent’s business and blogging was really hard. I remember editing photos till 3am – just to get them done for the next day. But most of all, I believe we are really blessed to have such an amazing support group of new FRIENDS like you guys.  <3
Since this post has already gotten so long, I shall share my FUTURE ASPIRATIONS for the blog on the next post :)
Hope you enjoy the photos of this simple white monochromatic Mango outfit. The photos were taken at the stunning location: URBAN RESIDENCES.
All my love,
Dii xx
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