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HEY beautiful people,

So before I showed you the other two Istanbul posts – I wanted to share these stunning photos that Tam (the.banker) took before I left for Istanbul. Even though I’ve been in London for a few months already – I haven’t done much of the usual touristic stuff. Therefore, when I shoot with tam we make it a shoot along with touristic outing all in one. Multi tasking at its finest. lol

On this particular Sunday we decided to check out the infamous Harrods. I was dressed in my super duper laid back denim shorts, a black tank and a parka.

Now comes the fun part of the story. After checking out Harrods we came to shoot outside it. While we were shooting a lovely older gentleman questioned Tam whether we were shooting for a magazine editorial. Tam replied ” haha no mate, we don’t have all the right props for a magazine shoot”. So the older guy smiled and walked away. To only walk back 20 seconds later to tell Tam ” Would a McLaren  be a good prop? Its parked right around the corner!” Now at this point I had 2 thoughts 1. He really doesn’t look that rich, is he just lying? 2. OMG, did he just say a frikken’ MCLAREN!

Turns out he wasn’t lying. He did own a McLaren!!!These are worth 1.2 miilion pounds. Moreover, while I was posing with the car at least 30 people were taking photos and videos of me. It was super uncomfortable and all..but hey, the show must go on! After we were done taking photos we thanked the lovely gentleman and sat down at a cafe nearby and we just looked at each other like – did that just happen? At that moment of gratitude I realised, life is so full of surprises and the loveliest things happen to you the very second YOU become positive and let adventures come to you.

Another exciting thing with these photos is that we tried something funky with the editing. I saw some DKNY photos and asked Tam if he could recreate that look of having double / triple exposures on one side of the images. We think they look kinda awesome! What do you think? Of the photos and the outfit? Until next time loves.

Photos by The.Banker , obviously.

Outfit details at the end of the post.  Love you all xx

harrods final 10 harrods final 9 harrods final 8 harrods final 7 harrods final 6maxresdefault harrods final 5 harrods final 4 Harrods final 3 harrods 2 harrods 1Outit

Top: Asos

Shorts : Zara

Parka : Vila fashion

Shoes: Zoo Shoo

Shades: ZeroUV



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