HAPPY ONE YEAR!!! Hey my Dears!! 

Today’s post is probably the most exciting one that I’ve ever written because I can finally reveal a huge secret that we’ve been keeping from you guys for the last 4 months!! As you know diipakhosla.com is gonna turn 1 soon, so of course we wanted to commemorate this day (Feb 10) by doing something super special for the very people who made all this possible – YOU GUYS!

You all have truly been there with us this whole year through the thick and thin, as they say. We celebrated the good times and we got over the bad times, together. So we wanted to share some love with our new friends from all over the world.

Here’s the story: Once we were on our travels around Europe just after the summer and we saw a couple wear matching scarves and it hit us that a scarf is the most used accessory by everyone. Even I, never leave home without a trendy scarf no matter what the season. Moreover, Nan (my sister) and I get so much free stuff from so many brands and we always wished we could share it with you guys too. But, alas that is not really a realistic thing to do.

So when we were thinking of what we could do that would be something super special – we came up with a crazy idea of why not hold THE BIGGEST GIVEAWAY (in the sense of the number of people that win) that has ever ever been done (that we have ever come across or heard of)! So without any further adieu the HUGE INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY is that we will be sending out a 100 SCARVES hand picked by us to a 100 PEOPLE all over the world!!! Yea, you read that right – a 100 of you guys!! (Oprah would be proud.. hehe)

We also wanna let you guys know that, this isn’t a brand collaboration. We bought all these scarves ourselves by working extra hard and saving money to be able to buy and ship all these to you loves. Because we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for enabling us to pursue our dreams and embarking on this amazing journey with us! We hope this second year is even more exciting and full of memories. We can’t wait to share the experiences with you all.

Big Kisses and Hugs on Hugs,

Dii, Nan and our amazing team

NB: GIVEAWAY CONTEST  will start tomorrow 4th of Feb and end on the 10th of Feb. How to enter the giveaway will be mentioned on our Instagram/ Facebook and Twitter tomorrow!


_MG_7321_MG_7322 “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” 
-Winston Churchill 


  1. Congratulations on the success you’ve gained this past year Diipa! You’re truly an inspiration to girls like me all over the world! Keep doing you and can’t wait to keep supporting your future endeavours ♥

  2. Wohoooo! Congratulations ladies.. Finally the day has come 😉 and hell ya! It’s the biggest giveaway every.. You guys always come up with the unexpected!

    Way to goooo..

  3. Dii, you are an inspiration to me. Pretty and classy. I would be very happy if you could check out my blog and give me some suggestions. I am new in this field that i love and i do need some guidance. Love you. Xoxo

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