Jacquard weave -a fabric in which the design is incorporated

into the weave instead of being printed or dyed on


Since it was my birthday recently, I thought why not make a post where I tell you a bit more about myself. Moreover, a few of you lovely people tagged me on these ’20 random things about you’ posts on Instagram. So here we go:

1. Im a total tea drinker. Coffee is really not my thing. Except rarely when I need to wake up. The taste of coffee just doesn’t appeal to me you know. Tea, on the other hand is heavenly!!

2. Alright, this is a weird one. Im obsessed with my hot water bottle. May it be winter or summer, I always get into bed with a hot water bottle. It just calms me down and helps me sleep better. I mean, of course I can also sleep without it. But I just really prefer to sleep with it.

3. I love listening to loud music in the shower. I sing and dance along to it. I really do look forward to my music filled showers. It helps set an amazing mood for the whole day. You guys should try it! :D

4. The Indian cuisine is my favorite. I also love it super spicy. This second part is actually really bad for me because I end up upsetting my tummy. But still, it tastes so amazingly good that its worth it!

5. I think I have the weirdest laugh on earth. I laugh super loudly and ALWAYS hit people/ furniture around me. I don’t know why I do it or how it came about. But yea, If I’m laughing around you, you should probably  move away. My poor friends and siblings have suffered from this affair :p

6. I don’t like chocolate or ice cream. Cakes and cookies are a different matter.

7. When wearing heels or wedges, I will trip at least twice every damn time!

8. I love to make conversations with every and anyone. I truly love people.

9. I think I’m good at doing accents. But somehow all my accents end up sounding Russian. Im still working on it though. One day my accent game will be as strong as my brother’s. He can do like 15 accents flawlessly.

10. Im actually pretty good at track and field. 100m sprints being my favorite. I was the athletics captain of my high school during my final year.

11. I feel most at peace and one with myself on the dance floor of a club/ bar/ house party. I guess it has something to do with the combination of good music,  good vibes, good friends and not caring about anything in the world for that moment and just letting your hair down and dancing the night away.

12. I love winters. Up until New Years anyway. I love the cozy feeling of being indoors with a good book or a movie. Or sipping nice cup of tea while watching it snow outside, with perhaps christmas music in the background. Ahh pure bliss.

13. Im a very spiritual person. I also hold my values and ethics very close to my heart

14. I am extremely emotional but I hide my emotions very well except when watching a movie. I cry like a baby during movies. The fault in our stars being one of the worst ones yet. I cried the entire 2 hours and then also for like an hour after the movie.

15. I love cooking. I’ve always loved cooking.

16. People think I’m smart because I’ve always got good grades. But  the truth is, I just work extremely hard.  I will spend hours and hours on getting a concept. Sometimes, I wish I was like those people who just studied the night before and got straight A’s . SO unfair! :p

17. Perfume addict. I have 27 at this moment. Enough said.

18. My phone is my life. Its because I just have everything on it. My life involves me checking my phone a lot, constantly. My family and friends tend to get very angry at me at times. But I can’t help it, my phone is my work and my procrastination. You guys understand right? :p

19. I believe with all my heart that if you really want something and are willing to work extremely hard to achieve your goals no matter what, then you always will. Period.

20. I love family. They are the most important thing in the world to me.

Until next time my loves! Have a beautiful day xx

-Photos by my amazing sister: NANDITA KHOSLA-

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