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Hi all my lovely lovely #Diiers!

Its 1am at night now while I post this up. Ive spent the last 30 mins just looking at these photos and being in AWE of everything that the blog has achieved in a year. So, before I start with the story behind this last set of Monaco photos – I just want to tell you guys I love you so much! You’ve allowed me to share my art and love of fashion with you guys and on top of that have also showed me so much love and support! I wish I could hug you all! I just want you all to know that Im so grateful for everything you’ve always said! Every single comment has touched my heart. I am so humbled and grateful because right now – waking up and living life is better than a dream! All I wish is that through my journey some of you can also be inspired to do the same and live your dreams!

Now lets talk about one of my favorite photo shoots yet!! I mean I don’t need to tell you how amazing or beautiful the yacht trip was – the photos do speak for themselves. But I will tell you that sitting on that yacht and looking at the stunning blue water and hills all around was a surreal experience. So when the yacht reached a pretty spot the Captain stopped so I could get changed into my beyond stunning red dress designed by Gemeli Power. While I was changing downstairs the yacht was moving alot which made me get very very sea sick. So although I had this dress and my makeup on – all I could think of was “OMG- I’m gonna puke”. After having this nauseous feeling for 15mins, I felt really bad that everyone was waiting on me. I couldn’t let them down- especially my wonderful photographers – Tam and Nan. So I don’t know what it was – but it felt like my alter ego kicked and I was like “lets do this guys – lets shoot!”. We shot for a good 20mins with this gorgeous dress – that I didn’t even have to do anything, the dress did all the work. Tam and Nan out did themselves with these photos. I really can’t believe how good they are getting. When I look at the quality of these photos I get taken aback. But that’s what the Diiream Team is about – we want to give you guys the BEST, everytime!

After this Mermaid-esque / dream like shoot. Reality kicked in and I felt really sick again. We had to leave back to shore immediately. Alas, thus is life. All you guys see is the perfect fancy photos and social media is all about perception. But I want to tell you guys – no matter how perfect someones photos are. Life and they are not perfect. Life is messy!!  But its the imperfection and the mess are what make life memorable and beautiful.

This luxurious trip at Monaco taught me that its not about luxury or money or even getting to take photo shoots in Yachts or Helipads – Life is only about the amazing memories you make with people you love.

We have made a cool behind the scenes video for you guys – so you can see the messy non glamorous side of everything we do too! That video will be posted soon.

Apart from that hope you enjoy the photos ! Photo are a mix from The Banker and Nandita Khosla.

Love love you all ! Your, Dii x

N yacht diipa khosla 11N yacht Diipa Khosla 1N yacht diipa khosla 3N yacht diipa khosla 10N yacht diipa khosla 6T yacht diipa khosla 7N yacht diipa khosla 8N yacht diipa khosla 12 T yacht diipa khosla 3T yacht diipa khosla 2T yacht diipa khosla 4T yacht diipa khosla 5T yacht diipa khosla 6


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