Monaco2Hiii my dears!

Here we are – Part 3 of the French Riviera trip !

We headed to Monaco the next day because we were invited by this amazing Monaco based business man (who is like super wealthy) to come check out the F1 races from his apartment. I remember the very second we got off at the Monaco train station we heard load noises of cars driving by and the smell of rubber they left on the roads behind them. It was one of the coolest memories of the whole trip. Of course watching the F1 was ridiculously cool, but more than anything else – I think I’ve fallen in love with Monaco. I loved it more than Nice and Cannes! Its just the air felt different. I don’t know what it was exactly about Monaco, but it was like no place I had ever been to in my life. The beauty and the abundance of everything just captured my heart. I would want to go back there and maybe if I work hard enough – own a house there one day( A girl can dream)! I definitely left a piece of my heart in Monaco.

After watching the F1 races, we headed to the Heliport of Monaco. So the #diiers who know me for a while- know that I love experimenting with my photo shoots. My team and I love getting creative with shoots – because – well, why not! I feel like this platform I have gives me so much of creative freedom that I want to make the most of it to give you guys the best content every time!! My motto is: “Why do a blog shoot on the streets – when you can do it at a Heliport” Ok, I just made that up. But, you get the gist. haha

So we made our way to the Heliport. This was one of the most stressful photoshoots of my life. It was a fully operational heliport – with helicopters flying in and out while we were shooting. Huge shout out to Heli Air Monaco for letting use their helicopters to shoot with! It was the most surreal experience of my life! Tam and Nan also had the time of their lives shooting it. We had 10 mins to shoot everything. There were so many security guards and heliport officials staring down at me the whole time. But the photos turned out so amazing that we couldn’t have asked for more.

GUYS- We took a photoshoot at a HELIPORT. I don’t think that has still sunk in for me! UNREAL!!!!

Photo credits are as usual at the bottom of each photo (First photo on top is by The Banker). Also, the #DiireamTeam killed it , as per always!! Outfit details at the end of the post!

One more photoshoot and one video left to come!!

All my love – Your, Dii x

monaco f1 1Photo by Nandita Khosla

Monaco f1 2Photo by Nandita Khosla Monaco1Photo by The Banker monaco f1 3Photo by Nandita Khosla monaco 5Photo by Nandita Khosla DSC_0606Photo by Nandita Khosla DSC_0573Photo by Nandita Khosla h1 Photo by The Banker DSC_0589 Photo by Nandita Khosla Helipad1Photo by The Banker

Outfit Details

Jumpsuit : ASOS

Belt : AQ/AQ

Hat : MissGuided

Shoes : Zara


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