Hey my loves,

Looking at this post you can tell that 1. its different from any that I’ve done before and 2. its my first post from London (at Paddington Station to be precise).

Now time for a little story as to why and how this totally different and cute post (featuring the newest addition to the dream team- Padii-b) came about ! Firstly, let me introduce you to Padii-b (derived from Paddington Bear). He is the newest member of the Diiream Team because after we used him for this shoot we all got so attached to this cute little teddy bear. He is going to be our Team mascot and is gonna photo bomb all our photos from all over the world now! haha Because isn’t he just the CUTEST and like super HUGGABLE!

As a kid, I used to read all the Paddington bear books. I was fascinated by his stories. His story in a nut shell is that he is a bear that can speak english and comes from darkest Peru. He comes to London all alone to find a home. He’s scared and petrified. The first few days and weeks are also very difficult. But then London and the people of London open their hearts to him and he finally feels at home. As a kid it was my dream to move to London one day. When I first came here, I was also all alone and scared as shit. But, the city and the people of here have just been marvelous- that I can actually say, it feels like home now!

This post was shot at 5am in the morning at Paddingtion Station and it was almost like me waking up in my dream. When I was a young girl who had a dream to wake up in London. Today, my dream has come true! So this post is in a way celebrating that childhood dream with my Padii-b.

Shooting at 5am in the morning with Tam (the.banker) was so much fun. He was in fact the one who first came up with this concept and then I made it at 5am (haha, sorry Tam!) We were insanely tired and drank so many espresso shots just to be able to make this shoot idea come to life. Im so happy with the photos and that morning mist feeling they have to it. Its also the first post I have done in my pj’s and without any makeup. haha

Hope you all enjoy these photos of my first London shoot.

And- #Diiers meet Padii-b our cute little mascot and the newest addition to the Diiream Team !

Outfit details are at the bottom of the post

Love you all

Your, Dii

p.s- If you haven’t already watch the Paddington movie that was released earlier this year. Its the most adorable movie. Period.

p.s.s – The sleeping mask is exactly like the one Audrey Hepburn used in her movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I’m a little bit obsessed with Audrey’s fashion sense. PADDI Paddi4 Padii2 PADIIKISS TIM_4589 TIM_4608 TIM_4609 TIRED WALKAWAYOutfit

Silk Pyjamas – Derek Rose London 

Sleeping Mask – Hudiefly 



  1. Hello babeee! These pictures are so amazing I’m in love with the fairy tail look! I wanted to ask if you and the.banker are dating because you two have the best work and feel to me as if you are an amazing couple! Love you Diipa xxxx

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