diipakhosla blue 6
Photos by Nandita Khosla

Ah, Paris and its beauty..

Paris and I are an endless love story.The reason why I come here so often is that I’m literally in love with this city. Every street corner here is breathtaking and a perfect location to shoot. This unrequited love story comes by the romance held in its air, the beautiful cafes with the macarons and rose teas and not to forget the fashionably elegant people. This fantasy like reality, takes me to a whimsical world full of vivid colours and immense possibilities.

I present to you my Parisian persona..
diipakhosla blue 2diipakhosla blue 3diipakhosla blue 7 diipakhosla blue 9 diipakhosla blue 12 (P) diipakhosla blue 12 diipakhosla blue 16 (P) diipakhosla blue 17 (P) diipakhosla blue 18 (P) IMG_7473 diipakhosla blue 10 diipakhosla blue 11 diipakhosla blue 14 (P)OUTFIT

Sweater – ZARA.com


Bag- Chanel

Shoes – Sacha Shoes

Coat – Modemusthaves

Hat- ASOS.com



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