diipa khosla yellow 13Hey my cuties,

So you all know that when in the Netherlands – Rotterdam is my home. It was in fact in this city where nan and I decided to start the blog.  So last week when we walked by this iconic bridge en route to a meeting, we decided to take a shoot of the clothing I was wearing that day. As professional as these photos look (MAJOR kudos to my sister Nan who is getting mad good at photography- Im so so proud of her), this was one of our most unplanned photoshoots. I was just wearing this outfit and nan just happened to have her camera with her and we did this shoot in 5 mins. Sometimes in life, the shoots that are the least planned out and take hardly anytime end of being the best.

This one is so special to my heart because that was the day I was also told that I am the biggest blogger in Rotterdam. The city I started the blog in, and today Im the biggest one there. Kindaaaaa crazyyyy right? We love what we do, and we love you so we wake up everyday thinking how blessed we are. Even though, Ive started getting a lot of hate lately. We are just way to blessed and grateful to even let that hate bother us (it still does at times, Im only human). We promise to keep working harder and giving you guys our best.

Love you all forever and ever!! Hope you enjoy the photos. Outfit links are at the bottom.


xx Dii

p.s- My fashion tip: Khaki is so in this season my loves, make sure you get yourself something in Khaki!

yellow diipa khosla 9diipa khosla 14 yellowyellow diipa khosla 7yellow diipa khosla 10 yellow diipa khosla 12yellow diipa khosla 11yellow diipa khosla 15yellow khaki pants diipa khosla 3yellow khaki pants diipa khoslayellow khaki pants diipa khosla 6yellow khaki pants diipa khosla 8 yellow khaki pants diipakhosla 5yellow khaki pants diipa khoslayellow khaki pants diipa khosla 4Outfit:

T-shirt – MissGuided

Trousers – Mango

Shoes – New Look

Shades – ZeroUV


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