black dress istanbulHey darlings! 

SOO excited to be sharing the first of the Istanbul photos with you all! We shot this look at the ‘Rumeli Hisari’ -which is a gorgeous fortress built in the 15th century! Looking at the view of the gorgeous waters and the Faith Sultan Mehmet Bridge- such a beautiful sight!!

It was very very hot that day and the sun was incredibly strong. So this turned out being one of the shortest shoots ever. We literally shot everything in 5 minutes- because my skin is super allergic to the strong sun and so we were on ninja mode. Pose-click-pose-click – and Done. lol

How amazing is this dress by top turkish designer Rasit Bagzibagli ? His dresses were truly to die for. Im so grateful I could shoot in them. As you know, Ive had a very international upbringing which is why I love to appreciate all cultures and countries. Early on in the blog we had decided that whenever I visit a country I would also wear clothes designed by a local designer- this way I can show all my viewers the talent that is present all over the world.

Hope you all enjoy these photos and cant wait to show you the other shoots soon ! Photos were taken by Diiream Team member Abhi. You must have seen him in my snapchat stories!

Until next time my loves and have yourself a lovely weekend!

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