Hey my Dears,

I am so excited to tell you all about this amazing new food technology company that I’ve been obsessed by.

What is So Shape?

The company is called So Shape and it’s a french food tech start-up willing to change the diet world. So far when we think about a diet for losing weight everything has been so complicated. Most of the time when you end your diet, you just get the kilos back in your body soon after. This is not only annoying it’s also really bad for your health.

There are so many brands out there so which one is actually the right one for me?

I think I have actually found the right one! So Shape is the one for me: https://uk.soshape.com/

What is a Smart Meal?

They invented Smart Meals to substitute two meals per day (breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner) depending on your habits. A smart meal contains less than 200 calories and all the nutrients you need not to feel weak or tired and to actually burn just your fat and never lose your muscles.

Does it really work?

It so does work for me! But don’t just take my word for it. On their own instagram account they share happy customers that show their results there. Check out all the reviews here: https://www.instagram.com/soshaperesults

Which challenge is the one for me?

If you have had too many french fries last week or you just got back from a holiday where you ate a little too much then why not start off by trying out a 14 or 28 day trial. You can see the challenges here: https://uk.soshape.com/collections/challenges

My favorite flavors

I would definately go again and again for the salty flavors as they taste so yummy. My personal favorites are Indian Curry, Tomato Soup and Pasta Cheese. For breakfasts I enjoy the Chocolate, Vanilla and Cookies and Cream flavors. I wouldn’t recommend the Risotto with Mushroom or the Cranberry flavors as they were quite different from my expectations. But each person do have their own tastes..

The best part of this is that I managed to get a promotional code on the customized option of 14 or 28 days. Using my code “CUSTOMDIIPA” you can get two times the flavors for free on the 14 or 28 days options.




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