Start the new year with a bright smile!

Hey my Dears!

Some say a smile is a woman’s best curve. I’ve tried to whiten my teeth for a while now and I can finally say I’ve found a product which actually works: ClearCaps teeth whitening. With ClearCaps teeth whitening you’re a hundred percent sure your teeth look at their best and whitest.

So how does it work? The best thing about ClearCaps whitening is that it’s super easy to use and you see quick results! Let me explain how to use it during your daily beauty routine:

  1. First, once you got the Opalescence, please don’t forget to keep them in the fridge until you use them. Very important!
  2. At the end of the day, when you go to bed, it’s time to take the Opalescence out of the fridge and gently pour the substance into the IceCaps (love this name by the way).
  3. Last and final step is to put the filled IceCaps in your mouth and go to sleep while wearing them. The next morning you will already see some amazing results!

Now your teeth have the perfect white color, ClearCaps also offers a service to straighten up your teeth. After a certain age you don’t want to go back wearing those extremely horrible braces of course. What a nightmare were those! Therefore ClearCaps developed the perfect braces  which is invisible. Nobody will notice that you’re wearing them. Also they are very comfortable and lightweight, so you won’t even notice them yourself!

They advise you to wear them for at least 22 hours in a 24-hour period. While eating, you must take them out. This way you keep the oral hygiene in perfect condition. They produce custom-made caps. Which are replaced every two weeks with a new set. The best thing is that they are able to predict the way your teeth are going to shift. This is because ClearCaps uses highly advanced software to produce a 3D simulation of your treatment. How amazing is that!?

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