Teeth Whitening with HiSmile


Hey My Dears!

Today I will be sharing with you exactly how to use the HiSmile  teeth whitening kit, which is currently my favorite go-to teeth whitener.

I usually use it 2 times a month. For best results the instructions say to use it every night for 6 consecutive nights and then you can order the gels separate to keep topping up. Also make sure you don’t drink too many colored drinks (eg. red wine, coffee, tea) during the process.

There are 3 main parts to the whitening kit – the blue LED light, the syringes with the whitening gel and the mouth guard.

It’s very simple to use, all you have to do is place a good amount of the teeth whitening bleach from the syringes on to the mouth guard – as shown in the photo. Once done, place that inside your mouth so the gel gets to every top and bottom front facing teeth. Once it places comfortably, turn on the blue light on the mouth piece and place it in front of the mouth guard. This will activate the whitening gel to start doing its amazing work.

All you have to do now is keep it for 10-minutes minimum (the light will automatically turn off with a beep beep) but I keep it in for 15 minutes to get the best results. I typically do other things while waiting: I read, I do my make-up. Multi-tasking. Rinse out the gel at the end of it and give it a quick dry brush with just water. And you’re all set. Whiter teeth in just a matter of 10 minutes!

For more information on the product, check out https://eu.hismileteeth.com/pages/formula

I hope you guys give this awesome product a try if you love your pearly white smile.

Until next time guys,


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