audrey 21 .jpgHey my dears, 

So I know you’ve all been wondering why I haven’t posted in a few weeks. Today I am gonna tell you all the reasons. Of course, I wanted you all to be the first ones I tell all these great updates too.

Since my official move to London and having a new house, Ive been living away from any of my family and it hasn’t been easy trying to live and organize everything by myself. Having to study law, while work on the blog and do everything myself is truly not that easy. However, you know how they say ” Great things come outside of comfort zones”, well Im here to tell you that is absolutely true! You all should try to step outside your comfort zones more often. Great things are waiting for you on the other side.

Alright so a few amazing updates as to why we haven’t had too many photo shoots lately are because I’ve been extremely busy with:

1. I have been working on bringing together an amazing team of people to help with this blog – that has now become a business! I have found the most wonderful, amazing team and we are all (all 20 of us – yes 20! ) working on taking this blog to new heights!! I want to take this moment to thank the entire team who think of this work as not work but fun! You make me want to work even harder and create amazing content!

(My Dears, I need your insight and ideas on what we should call the team? DK squad? DK Team? haha Tell me your ideas in the comments below! Our Team needs a killer name!!!)

2. We have office space in London!! Yup you heard that right. This lil baby of a blog that started from my bedroom with my sister and a half broken camera – now has official office space in one of the world’s capital cities! This exciting collaboration is thanks to the lovely people at So grateful for this big step! Remember I was teasing you guys with the photo at their Amsterdam office on my Instagram a few days ago.

3. We have been working on this exciting exciting trip for quite some time now. Im not going to reveal everything just yet. But we are going to one of the most beautiful and luxurious places in the world – the French Riviera (Nice, Monaco and Cannes) to shoot for the most exciting project yet. To make this even more exciting is that we are attending the official and very exclusive Formula 1 after party in Monaco!! Stay updated on our social media for many more updates on this.  Oh I really wish I could tell you this amazing project already! Im so bad at keeping secrets haha

4. We have also collaborated with some amazing brands and have so many more exotic trips and amazing outfit posts all in the pipeline. Honestly, I cant wait to take you guys on this exhilarating journey all over the world with us.

5. Iam officially going to start a YOUTUBE channel! Since so many of you have been waiting for that. Its happening babes! Also, going to start being a lot more active on SnapChat! I want you all to be as much of the part of the fun, as if you were right there!!

So as you can tell all these amazing updates required a lot , ALOT of work and planning! The planning and the wait is almost over! Now the actual fun begins! I can’t wait to introduce you guys to part of the core team (we really need a cooler name) via Snapchat or Instagram soon !

Forever blessed to have the best international digital friends and our new amazing Team!

Love you guys, Dii

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  1. First of all congrats to you for the things you achieved so far.
    I wish I also can work for you but unfortunately can’t match your criteria and be in your team.
    So one work I surely do for you that is your team’s name…
    1. Dii team (pronounced as The team)
    I’ll will think more names..

  2. DK squad sounds awesome!

    You have achieved so much in such a short time. I cant wait to see what more you do. You’re by far my favorite fashion blogger and inspiration because you started with nothing and achieved so much. But mostly because you stayed so grounded and humble through it all. You also love us all so much its very visible by the way you write!

    Cant wait for your youtube channel and all the upcoming posts. Love you forever Dii!

  3. omg….loads of congratsss! my sooooo happy for u. N I am one of them who was desperately waiting for your youtube channel…i love you baby mmmmmmuuuuuaaaaahhhhh! wish you all the success.

  4. Omgg Dii ❤
    This surely was one helluva news 😀
    I’m soo soo sooo happy for you and all your accomplishments :* You go girl 😀
    Be it living all by yourself, the new office and team, all the exquisite new projects and the formula 1 party and the best of them all, Your own YouTube channel : I’m soo thrilled that it’s finally happening 😀
    All my love and support to you diva ❤

  5. I think you should start your own brand of clothing, accessories and all.
    Brand Name should be Diipa Khosla

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