Photos by Nandita Khosla
Happy Valentines Day Dears!!

Valentine’s Day is one of my most favorite days of the year. Its the special day set aside to celebrate love and romance all over the world! I love the positivity that you see on lovers’ faces today, the decorations of hearts everywhere and the reminder of one of the strongest and purest forms of emotion, Love. For all the single ones, remember this day in its core is about Love. So even though you might be single currently there is always someone somewhere who loves you, always.

As important as it is to show your significant other how much you love them, its absolutely vital to appreciate and love yourself too. For some that could mean dressing up and looking fancy to feel good about yourself, for yourself. Today I choose to wear an aptly colored and super flirty skirt from Choices, a cute sweatshirt from Monki (it was freezing during this shoot) and the classic black heels from Zara. It was extremely windy for this shoot, so it was super fun to shoot! Although, 90% of the photos had my hair flying in oh so many directions. haha

Hope you have a day filled with all the Happiness and Love of the world!
Until next time guys! xx

p.s: Click on photos for better viewing

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